life has it’s share of sorrow
but upon faith we’re to borrow
the strength to live a truth
we’ve buried back in our youth

life is about the rapture
found in the simplest delight
so seek this year to recapture
all within you know is right

trade your inner polar feud
for an earned peaceful beatitude
where you see with eyes that play
and found, is merely finding your way

what we seek from greatness above
is found down here — in love
not in the emotional extravagance
of the often fleeting romance
but an unconditional compassion
that leaves us whole and unafraid;
for we no longer need to ration
the love for which we’ve already paid

heaven is bliss, experienced on earth
compassion is the new measure of worth
the answer lies not in another tomorrow
but today’s embrace of that joy and sorrow

choose the destiny you deem wise
the one which your soul gives rise
you’ll know it by the searing flame
that burns away pride and shame

that’s a recognition of your single purpose
from depths, rising to the surface
found when yours is a heart unfurled
and heard clearly is the need of the world

accept, and rise from your shallow grave
resist the temptation to wither and fade
begin each day with courage of the brave
trade thoughts for actions; and a quiet legacy made