Women are beauty,
placed on earth,
to create life,
to show us our worth,
a deep affection,
fueling desire,
illuminating the way,
lighting a fire.

Women are beauty,
bodies curved, soft, warm,
welling within them,
a passionate storm,
to share their souls,
and connect with depth,
drawing us closer,
with each taken breath.

Women are beauty,
within them the glue,
connecting the world,
to what we once knew.
The sharing of love,
and unconditional giving,
are the aspirations,
for a life worth living.

Women are beauty,
personified love,
giving me faith,
in perfection above.
Lives guided by heart,
love born pure,
what ails my spirit,
you’ve shown the cure.

I am forever grateful,
to you, earthly angels,
for spreading your wings,
enlightening the simple things.
Tenderness, empathy, grace,
hugs, compassion, acceptance;
for the gentle reminding,
that life grants another chance,
to those who recognize the heart,
is the beat of the dance.

Women are beauty.
Thank you.