Time. The most precious thing we have is time, or perhaps rephrased, the most precious thing we don’t have is time. We cannot control time. It’s a constant, it always moves at the same pace. Depending on our awareness of time it can seem to move faster or more slowly, but time itself hasn’t changed, only our perception. Once passed it’s gone for good. What we can control is what we do within its passing. What we can control are the experiences that take up our time.

Experiences are chunks of time wrapped up in themes and plotted along a line that becomes our lives. They are moments grouped on a (time)line. Experiences then, like time, are short lived. Once passed they are gone, what remains are memories. Memories are the documented life. If filing experiences in our memory banks is how we accrue and measure a good life, then time is the currency. It must be used, however, if not it’s gone, squandered.

Remember this as you go through your days. We tend to get caught up in the complexities of work and life and forget why we are doing what we are doing. We work on the premise that we’re doing so to create these experiences and memories. Yet, the time passes, unnoticed. And the experiences are missed, not seized each day. Work and live to create meaningful things. Work and earn to create better experiences and memories. Remember, however, the real currency of life is time — and that’s free.

Photo by backpackphotography