I don’t want thick skin,
I want it transparent and thin.
I want to look at my reflection,
without the inner rejection.

I want to see the flaws,
whole and clear,
and stop hiding behind fear.

I want to stop building concrete walls
with bullet proof windows,
blocking the direction the heart naturally flows.
I want to let another into—me—see,
and from self-judgement someday be free.

I want to taste the salt of licked wounds,
suck it from my pores,
welcome the waves of emotion crashing on my shores.

I want to spit the sand, swallow the grit,
be strong enough, not give a shit
what others might say, what some may think,
Time to float above water, swim not sink.

I want to be brave,
not in brawn, but beauty.
I want to bleed from living hard,
crawl to my grave bloody and scarred.

I will be a man — authentic,
in a world that thinks it unrealistic.
The only battle to win, is the war within.
Thin is the new thick — skin.

My name is — paul.

Thank you for reading, and now this is yours—reader. If it resonated and you wish to share, swap in your name and/or photo. #lovefiercely #livebravely

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  1. Love the new skin Paul. All my best and look forward to reading more.
    I’m in awe,

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