It’s aroma is stronger than both the lit scented candle and brewed coffee. Perhaps it is the reason the flies have multiplied in this camp spot compared to the last. We sought shade and found it comes with a price.

A hint of blue sky peaks through clouds of smoke this morning. It feels like rain may be coming, but as yet I’m not skilled at predicting weather patterns or making accurate forecasts. We are on the move today so the prospect of weather change is invited. Anything that may dissipate the smoke will be accepted with cheer. We head back down the hill into Boise for breakfast at Big City Coffee and errands, then make our way toward the Sawtooth Mountains and the small town of Stanley, Idaho.

There are some dead things in the woods.

I recoil as the breeze sends it towards me. That breeze I spoke of in my last post, being vital and essential is now the bane of this morning’s attempt to write. However, again it reminds of the impermanence of life. It is likely whatever died was not stagnant when it did so. Something else was stronger, faster, more intent on survival. Movement may not be enough. Added to that must be essential life skills. Survival skills for whatever environment one adopts, or finds themselves in.

Gratitude, for life. Intention, to live. These may be Nature’s lessons for the day. Lesson learned. It’s time to pack up and get out of death’s path.