Great is the man who has not lost his childlike heart. ~ Mencius

Failure dampens our spirit, while rejection plays us fools.
Confidence comes from breaking social rules.
Rules spawned from conformity to hold us back,
Made to keep us on the most common track.

Great is the man who swims upstream,
The man who holds tightly to his dream.
Who lets heart and a clear mind guide,
Without hesitation sacrificing pride,
Changing the world by being his own reflection,
Enduring the piercing arrows of rejection.

Courage is letting the heart bleed, and drip on your sleeve.
Embracing and loving all you feel,
Not letting failure twist and steal,
Memories of the journey you’ve run,
The small battles fought and won.

A modern day Hero is what you’ll be,
An exemplar life lived, for all to see.
The Hero following his calling,
Extending a hand to those falling.

Smiles and laughter of that inner boy,
Become powers for spreading strength and joy.
With the quiet he connects through stories told,
Igniting fires in hearts once cold.

Clumsiness of the little girl, now embraced,
Becomes motivation for movements of grace.
Flowers, butterflies, and pretty dresses,
Helping hearts proven restless.

So strip the kryptonite that binds,
Focus inwardly until your power shines.
To be a Hero comes from within,
It’s your choice when to begin…