If a man is lonely he surely can’t say,
That’s not befitting a man, no not our way.
We’ll suffer and bury it deep within,
Until a woman comes along to save us from our sin.
Turns out she can’t, nor she should,
For us men stubbornly handle our problems best we could.

Now isn’t that the flaw of our time and age,
Not recognizing men too need someone to help turn the page.
Help dealing with the emotions that build from neglect.
To put aside fears that we’ll lose respect.
But we won’t, we’ll turn our heads and swallow the cry,
Continue to make up stories until we start believing the lie.

Saying, “We’ll be ok, we’ll be just fine.”
Regurgitating the phrase from men with no spine.
We’ll wear our masks, our facades of strength,
To hide our pain, our shame, we’ll go to any length.
Til we’re buried so deep we no longer feel,
And the women we love view our emotions as no longer real.

Judgements and expectations will have to shift.
If this heaviness on our shoulders, our hearts, will ever lift.
Men feeling the freedom to finally share,
And realizing it’s ok to show another you care.
A little vulnerability can go a long way,
To truly finding peace at the end of the day.

Photo by Theophilos