This is what I often have to tell myself in order to make sense of, and accept, the weighty feelings and thoughts that flow like sludge through my mind, my body, my heart and soul. What is my superpower you ask? It is sensitivity. That’s right, I am Sensitivity Man.

Unlike Spiderman and Superman I’m not alone, there is a legion of Sensitivity Heroes and Heroines out there. Here are some signs you as well may have the power of sensitivity:

  • You wake up mornings with a heavy heart as if you’re connected to the sadness of the world.
  • You learn of someone’s death and upon seeing her picture, despite not knowing her, you cry.
  • The modern age of information overload sucks your energy like kryptonite.
  • You can see people’s facades, and feel you live in a world several layers removed from what it should look like.
  • Mud and dirt on your flesh is cleansing.
  • You remain quiet and reserved wearing your own mask for fear of losing composure and showing your power.
  • You often feel disconnected from this world, feeling as if you where born in the wrong time.
  • You connect with nature, stretching out your arms to feel the branches and leaves touch your hands as you run.

I’ll be honest, more often than not, I hate my superpower. Any power can be draining, a burden, a struggle, mainly because we don’t think others will understand if we release it, so we summon energy we can’t spare in an attempt to hide it. The first and most significant nemesis superheroes face are themselves. There is an internal battle we fight as we come to grips with our powers. Spiderman, Superman, and others battled both the external and internal turmoil of not fitting in because of their differences, because of their powers. People didn’t understand them, and as a result viewed them as freaks. The social unacceptance greatly influenced their ability to accept themselves. It isn’t until they change their own perception and begin to trust in the value and reasoning behind their gifts, their powers, that they are able to make an impact on the world.

I need to change my perception of my superpower, only then will I make the impact on the world that I wish to make. I need to stop looking at it as a difference that keeps me from fitting in, as a negative trait, but rather as a supernatural gift. I need to no longer let it create struggle and confusion, instead let it become my advantage. I need to learn how to harness my power and channel it toward good. Here are some things I can do to embrace and use my powers of sensitivity.

  • Write, sharing my feelings and experiences and allowing connection with others.
  • Sensitivity makes me more empathetic to others, embrace it.
  • Live authentic, share how I see things and seek others that live authentically as well.
  • Allow sadness to be acceptable. Our culture is in a constant pursuit of happiness. Reality is we can’t be happy all the time, without sadness their is no happiness as without bad there is no good. I need to stop trying to block the sadness because the byproduct is I’ve also blocked the happiness.
  • See and share the beauty in all that surrounds me, and live simply.

Embracing my superpower without hiding behind a mask is my continual pursuit to be made bravely. What is the superpower you’re hiding?