Sunny Garcia, former pro surfer and 2015 Ironman Hawaii Finisher, opens up about his battle with depression. In this interview Sunny attributes his recent success with dealing with his depression to the following actions:

Reaching out for help, he was connected with a sports psychologist which seems to have been a helpful turning point for him.

“Reach out and ask for help.”

Being more active in the giving of his time to others, particularly helping children with various disabilities.

“Nothing will change your life or your mind more than walking in and seeing kids that basically don’t have long to live sitting there smiling and laughing… That will put you right in your place.”

“All they’re concerned about is what’s going in their life right now.”


“If you can just get out, even if it’s just for half-an-hour, go for a walk, be with people, do something productive I think it will help a lot. I think the working out part helps a lot with the brain.”

“Exercise is huge. I think everybody suffering should try to get out and do some kind of exercise.”