The Rooster stretches and wakes,
Stands on the fence rising above.
Never backing down from life dared,
Fools sleep through his beauty shared.

Colors shown bright against the light,
Welcoming those who listen to rise from night.
Open your eyes, He cries from great depth.
Wake now and live! Don’t sleep til death.

Let rise your Rooster within,
Free from burdens of sin.
Carry without shame,
Ignore those trying to tame.

The weak will always discard,
What makes life hard.
Without the low there is no height,
The grounded Rooster can always take flight.

It lies within us all,
The courage to stand tall.
To perch alone, show our true power,
Protect what we believe hour after hour.

So, rise Rooster rise,
Shed all you disguise.
Show your feathers proudly,
Let your voice be heard loudly.

Photo rights: Rooster by -JvL-, on Flickr