We chase the future,
and fight the past,
looking for adventure,
that will last.

We live through others,
losing ourselves,
collecting wish lists,
and pictures on shelves.

Fabricating regrets,
a life unsatisfied,
placing bets,
time’s on our side.

Follow the worlds path,
before your own,
or suffer the wrath,
of not being known.

It’s a slow kill,
paying the toll,
we ransom our will,
and forfeit our soul.

Ultimately we break,
for better or worse,
our sanity at stake,
indifference, the curse.

It’s time to repair,
the holes and the rust,
pause and dare,
to rekindle a life of lust.

Vitality and desire,
emerges by choice,
from ashes of fire,
rise as your voice.