I experience stress, anxiety, and loss of happiness partly because I put too much value on control. I attempt to control my circumstances, my life, other’s lives, until I become inflexible and lose the ability to flow with Nature.

If I pause and look to Nature for guidance I’m presented with the Hawk. Hawks float with the wind, perch on fences, and peacefully observe the land for opportunities. They are quiet, patient, and take only what they need.

They live simply — as Introverts.

I, as well, am made to move — to soar. I was created to sit upon fences, not bound by them. I have an innate desire to explore, to wander — which I suppress. I create boundaries around myself because I get stuck in a desire to emulate the wrong model. I allow the saturation of the material to seep in as the way of life, when the real way is stepping outside, looking to the sky, and being reminded of who I am.

My true Nature — Our true Nature.

Photo credit: African Hawk-Eagle by Ian White