We’ve chosen lives of abundance and chaos,
triggering eventual unrest and stress,
because boredom needs distraction,
in order to feel temporary satisfaction.

We develop vices and bad habits,
flaunt wealth and extravagance,
build homes requiring more space,
creating food with unique taste.

Our balance is lost,
worldly and spiritually,
the decay of opulence,
has weakened our souls.

It weakens mine—
I search a way out,
some non-existent sign,
rerouting my self-doubt.

Something to guide me to a life — full,
rather than succumbing to the pull,
of consumerism and social cliques,
and unhealthy choices that make me sick.

New habits I will form,
uprooted by the weathered storm,
getting myself back to Nature,
and connecting from my core,
recognizing the path to fulfillment,
isn’t on a road to More.