we feel deeply,
ever wanting more.
the spirits and mind,
yearn to explore.

and break the numbness,
that can bind.
become one, connected,
with all mankind.

continue to drink,
the whiskey of life,
ignore the burning,
the piercing serrated knife.

for when bitterness settles,
and the scars heal,
what remains,
is the great appeal.

an intoxicated life,
drunk on bliss,
uninhibited by fear,
dancing on a kiss.

a world of beauty,
simplified and raw,
all senses heightened,
appreciation for the awe.

that vibrantly displays,
in the sky, sun, mountain range,
and in the human faces,
both familiar and strange.

so quench your thirst,
savor the magnificence,
of experiences cherished,
and life under the influence.