I want adventure, I want life,
I want a partner, not the prized wife,
I don’t want a neatly affixed label,
taking my place in the social stable.

I want to kick dirt in the face of doubt,
clench my fists, voice a white-knuckle shout,
open my eyes to beauty and delight,
that shines in the cavity of my night.

I want to go where coffee is coffee,
and wine pours generously,
where laughter is contagious, not hollow,
and dark beauty walks the street.

I want to be led by my own rules,
by actions and decisions I choose,
that don’t need to be interpreted,
but born from my heart, not my head.

Rules that float, change, and evolve,
with each of life’s puzzles I seek to solve,
not fixed and static, on a page,
rather, penciled on my soul — by my inner sage.

I want to live today,
not die waiting for tomorrow.
I want to lose my way,
hunting joy — and drinking it’s sorrow.

Raise your cup, take a gulp,
choke on life, force the swallow,
stop dipping the toe, wade beyond the shallow,
tightly clasp the hand of your own shadow.

Let her be your faithful guide,
back to desires which hide,
revealing lost aspirations considered absurd,
which long ago you were forced to purge.

When one becomes the other,
the other becomes one,
shadow by moon, or shadow by sun,
when it no longer matters — you know you’ve won.