Klaus Obermeyer celebrated his 96th birthday last week. If his last name sounds familiar, it should for you snow and ski enthusiasts, Obermeyer founded his namesake ski sportswear company in Aspen, Colorado in 1947.

How does this German-born 96-year-old keep his enthusiasm, and continue his athletic vital lifestyle? Simply.

On nature:

Being out in nature keeps you young.

On movement:

Aside from skiing, as part of his current daily routine Obermeyer practices the Japanese martial art, aikido, which he has done so for 35 years.

As did Oliver Sacks, Obermeyer swims a bit more than a mile every day.

On nutrition:

Mr. Obermeyer eats two to three eggs, whole grain toast and potatoes for breakfast. He skips lunch and instead snacks on fruit throughout the day. He has an orchard on his ranch that grows plums, apples, pears and raspberries. He eats a light dinner, often a salad with ingredients from his garden, such as dandelion greens, radishes and chives with toasted pumpernickel bread and some slices of Swiss cheese.

His reply when asked by Robb Report what his secret to longevity is:

I think it is attitude. Keeping life in balance, working out every day—mentally as well as physically—and enjoying nature.

Wall Street Journal
Photo via Obermeyer Facebook
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