We live today under an illusion of control.
Expectations and attachment robbing our soul,
Of happiness we could have if we learn to let go,
And move with the wind, the river, with life’s natural flow.

We waste energy fighting the wind and swimming upstream,
Battling circumstances we don’t want with a full head of steam.
Eventually we’re exhausted, on our health it’s taken it’s toll,
Our continual fight for that illusion of control.

If we relax, breath, and let things come as they will,
Could we live with joy, contentment, a heart that is still?
Allow vitality within as we follow Nature’s path,
Instead of ruminating over every decisions aftermath.

Easier said then done, most will find,
It’s difficult for us to quiet the mind.
But if we face our fears as we must,
With a little compassion and self trust,
Then the power they hold will cease to exist,
And the life meant for you will no longer resist.

Rather it’ll flow simply, steady, and strong,
As you’ve made the decision to sail along.
Embracing uncertainty and the adventure it brings,
Exchanging doubt and worry for a fresh set of wings.

So fly reader fly, soar with the wind to higher ground,
Be like water in a stream and flow unbound.
Gratefully embrace life’s destination though unknown,
Live presently and each day a new mystery will be shown.