You greet me with your bite,
my thoughts, a short respite,
take away my storied burden,
oh false promise — Kentucky bourbon.

You tempt me with your ways,
sugar coated glaze,
leaving an aftermath of haze,
that hangs overhead for days.

The allure of whiskey,
enchantment of an empty treat,
the delicious seductive burn,
the remnant flavor, sweet.

Drink, food, a little pill,
flesh, smoke — break my will,
buried in one, two, until lost,
knowing life becomes the cost.

I choose to end addictions
that magnify afflictions,
reconnect nature and my soul,
become myself — whole.

I choose nuts, blueberries,
simply coffee, black,
and continue my journey,
that long road back.

A pick up the fallen reins,
wrap in my taut grip,
rebuild this broken body,
and settle my mind — trip.