I woke feeling it’s one of those days,
in the wrong mindset I counted the ways,
life’s a struggle, a hassle, a chore,
but mostly complaining my life’s a bore.

I followed the link I continued to ignore,
about a dog and owner with a love to explore,
I sat sipping coffee in a crowded room,
watching the story of Denali and Ben Moon.

I laughed and quietly sobbed,
I felt joy, and a little robbed,
for I remembered my friend,
and the last days we did spend.

In a van, on a beach, finding wild,
he being the expression of my inner child,
full of vitality, and energy to spare,
uninhibited love I was afraid to share.

The film is a tribute to love and living,
two beings connected, each fully giving,
to one another, and to those that saw—
not embracing every moment may be man’s greatest flaw.

Inspired by perspective given by this short film.

Denali from FELT SOUL MEDIA on Vimeo.