Love is a circle, in ripples, in rings.
Running toward, and away,
It chases, is chased,
Not realizing, foolish games at play.

The ego, wants more.
Not satisfied, not content,
The falseness of thrill,
Leaves lost, souls spent.

If we stop, the infatuation,
Instead, except the real,
True love catches up,
Hearts, to steal.

Quietly, centered,
The answer revealed.
The mystery of life,
Opened, unsealed.

Love, is the core,
The origin, of the spin,
Alive, radiating,
United, within.

Starts, with a pebble,
Dropped in the sea,
Ripples, forming,
A tsunami.

Love chase, love create,
Life’s natural tendency,
Becomes choice, of fate,
And your legacy.