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we climb

we climb mountains to evade,
we climb steadily to seek,
through a canopy of shade,
we scale the frigid peak…


It tip toes
across the meadow
impairing my vision.
Views of jagged
peaks just beyond

Just For The Pleasure

Vocation should emerge from the heart,
which may require us to depart
from social norms and expectations;
the crying eyes and speculations.

Life shouldn’t be about accolades and rank,
or how much wealth we have in the bank;
live with less counting and measure,
allow more ‘just for the pleasure’.


life has it’s share of sorrow
but upon faith we’re to borrow
the strength to live a truth
we’ve buried back in our youth

life is about the rapture
found in the simplest delight
so seek this year to recapture
all within you know is right

Bleeding-Heart Appeal

We build castles on dying land,
bricks sealed with blood and sand,
walls and guards erect to protect,
an ideal that’s become suspect.
We turn the less fortunate away,
declaring they can’t stay;
our decisions based on fears,
leave children in puddles of tears.

The Jackass

Viewed as the lower class, blue collar, crass,
bashful, with a bite of sass,
the lonely donkey—the jackass.
An outcast, the grunt,
the unchosen, taking the brunt,
of mankind’s burden, saddle and pack,
strewn across his bowed but sturdy back.

It Is Here—I Am

It is here, in the solitude of the mountains, I can be, simply me. It is here, there is no past, there is no future, just…

Dogged Perspective

I woke feeling it’s one of those days, in the wrong mindset I counted the ways, life’s a struggle, a hassle, a chore, but mostly complaining…

Ode to Mountains

I was reborn on the backs of mountains, in the intimacy of fog and brush, blood thickened in the altitude, caused my mind to wonder and…