We build castles on dying land,
bricks sealed with blood and sand,
walls and guards erect to protect,
an ideal that’s become suspect.
We turn the less fortunate away,
declaring they can’t stay;
our decisions based on fears,
leave children in puddles of tears.
Media reports a collapsing humanity,
fueling a social insanity.
The seesaw of pointing fingers,
sets off ego-driven triggers,
leaving people in the midst of joy—dying,
and loved one’s in the streets—crying.
Wounded hearts worldwide begin to harden,
while victims show the mercy to pardon.

We suffer to find a purpose,
without looking beyond the surface;
confronting our learned weakness
will create strength, not meekness.
So I’ll let my ego drop,
in order for hatred to stop;
allowing my fear to wash away,
and peace to come this day.
I’ll make a bleeding-heart appeal,
that our light, the darkness won’t steal;
that through love, our souls be satiated,
and—as one—we display compassion unabated.