An Aspen stands tall in the cold,
White, naked, but strong and bold.
It’s leaves tremble in the wind and fall,
Skin of bark exposed to us all.

The ground now littered with green, gold, and red,
The tree, for this year, it’s life shed.
Though vulnerable it looks standing bare & alone,
The strength of it’s roots reach to depths unknown.

The Aspen lives and dies with each year,
And does so willingly without complaint or fear.
It knows life shall not be taken for granted,
And that time pauses for none, no matter how firmly planted.

The lessons are in the wind, rain, and harshest of weather.
The struggles and pain that bind us together.
Just when we think it’s all come to an end,
Spring will arrive like a long lost friend.

So, while life is tattered with trips and the Fall,
Love often being the greatest of all.
If we dig in and don’t let things get too chaotic,
But instead, live believing in magic.

Then, like the Aspen that lives with resilience,
We can live a life of courage & brilliance.