No longer by myself do I want to stand,
No longer the lone wolf trapped on an island.
False connections of the flesh,
With my soul no longer mesh.

No longer live on the surface of the pond,
Go to the deep ocean within and push beyond.
Life is more than I’ve given,
Love is for those really livin’.

The answer isn’t in a singular one,
Stop thinking once found, then done.
That a sole other can fill the space,
In a hollow heart, that tender place.

The answer may be to find authentic belonging,
That can ease the incessant longing.
Instead of wondering if what I’m doing is wrong,
I find something that within makes me feel strong.

A belonging to something much greater than Self health,
Of more importance than the chase of illusive wealth.
Where the love bottled within is open, and released,
But instead of leaving me empty, that love’s increased.

That love becomes the energy on which I exist,
No matter what obstacles arise I persist.
For behind me, and within, I have the strength,
To endure tests of heart and mind taken to any length.