What stirs in me,
A duty to be what I must be.
An anger that burns not from the rejected,
but from the un-attempted.
Reaching for things outside my grasp,
Haunted by habits of my past.
Breaking through the pain the heart brings,
Trying to find the place where it sings.
Failures that make me yield, but learn.
Feelings I desperately want to return.

Burning and building within lies a quiet anger.
Only to myself does it present danger.
A fire stoked, but tame.
I fire deep I must reclaim.
When to release from the cage?
When to let it rage?
Stand exposed on the world’s stage,
Have the courage to stain the page.

We all search to belong,
To feel our lives aren’t wrong.
Walls we want broken,
But words go unspoken.

The ride, my friends, doesn’t change unless we change it.
Life doesn’t get better until we commit,
To living with our eyes and hearts wide open.
Until we say aloud those words that need to be spoken.

The words are different for all,
But from deep inside it will call.
If you listen you will hear,
The words that too often bring fear.

My heart hardened and tough.
My skin aged and rough,
And through it all I’ve learned…
I Am Enough.