Up all night,
with sleep I fight,
my mind hazy,
a fog of crazy,
looms like a storm,
taking the form,
of whirling wind and rain,
heavy droplets of pain.

Draped upon, a coat of sad,
fading into King George mad,
thoughts pound the heart drum,
feeling like shark bait and chum,
eaten alive, ready to drown,
lead weights pulling me down,
into darkness, below the surface,
losing all sense of life’s purpose.

Edging toward cracked,
emotions stacked and stacked,
ping ponging despair,
bouncing from gut to heart,
broke the dam, began the flood,
deep wounds pouring blood,
tourniquet wrapped tight,
won’t give up without a fight.

Trying to lose ourselves,
soften the harsh words,
that live within our head,
words of others, that misled,
hauntingly becoming our own,
the damage done, the seeds sewn.

Answers become distractions,
pain releasing addictions,
numbing the heart, lost and find,
more reasons to shut down the mind.
Not fitting in, where do we belong?
faking all these years that we’re strong.
It’s just not the truth, not the case,
feeling accepted, loved… the never ending chase.

Bullied, teased, the last one picked,
chicken legs, fatty, whore, they mocked,
the boy too short, the girl too tall,
the words echoed through the hall,
landing on sensitive ears,
verbal lashings from misguided peers,
throwing the sticks, and the stones,
cutting down and breaking our bones.

“The best years”, we were told,
left us only bitter and cold,
hardened by the shame,
unwilling to play the game,
to which everyone else knew the rules,
leaving us feeling the fools.
Too much power to them we gave,
time to stop, our souls to save,
a life, unique and beautiful, at stake,
one life, one heart, one soul to make.

Embrace your difference, whatever your weird,
no longer hold onto what once you feared,
you are special, loved, and enough,
shining bright inside, a diamond rough.
While life can seem harsh and unfair,
you’re not alone, this I share,
the voices, the fear, the abandon,
so I break the silence, as your champion.

I’m here to say there is a choice,
if you’ll listen a moment, hear my voice,
connect with someone, connect with me,
you’re not forsaken in the turbulent sea.
Fight on with courage and grace,
in this world you’ll find your place,
turn away from ridicule and rejection,
be strong, believe in love and connection.

To you I wish to pass the torch,
stand for others that felt the scorch,
take it up, carry with pride,
your desires, our desires, from deep inside,
fan the flame, and keep it lit,
together we go on, bit by bit.

You’re needed, you play a role,
to take back the life they stole,
and live it fully, without concern,
the meek are rising, it’s our turn,
embrace your peculiar,
no longer be the slave,
to ordinary and familiar,
you’re free to be, made brave.