Beginning something new, 300 miles east. Smoke is still thick in the air. A grey haze falls over the tree sparse landscape. “Caution Hot” printed on the lukewarm cup of coffee beside me. My lower back is stiff. The consequences of a long day on the road. Sleep alluded me, which is typical when I lay in new surrounding. The uncertain of the legality of where I decided to camp for the night keeps me alert and aware of every car—every noise—that comes within 20 yards of the van. Regardless of aches and pains, lack of sleep, and the uncertainty of where I’m going to drop a deuce, (or perhaps because of the fore mentioned) I am enthused for the day, the week, for the journey that lies ahead.

The crisp freshness to the air that meanders through the cracked windows and open door is a reminder of why I made the decision to make a change and embark on a journey of adventure and vitality. Though adventure may be too strong a word. Movement seems more appropriate. Or Anti-stagnant. Simply, to be more purposeful and less busy.

The wind is the same but new. It’s different each moment. It is both essential and vital. Air that does not circulate becomes stale and unbreathable. The breeze keeps it fresh, keeps it nourishing that which it flows through. My journey is about movement — a continued flow. This tour is a quest to become more vital, and in doing so perhaps too as well nourish those I flow through.


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