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Made Bravely is an exploration into mountains of the mind — and curiosity, movement, wilderness, and connection as essential elements to mental wellness.

Socially Awkward

Despite being well beyond my teenage years, I still entertain the oft ridiculous emotional state(s) I experienced then. While the 80’s were Pretty in Pink for many, I found them to be mostly Weird Science; … Read more

The Depths: Evolutionary Origins of the Depression Epidemic

In The Depths: Evolutionary Origins of the Depression Epidemic, Jonathan Rottenberg presents an underrepresented view of the depression epidemic that is silently growing into a significant (affecting 14.8 million American adults) and deadly problem (42,773 … Read more

Wants vs Needs

Let me begin by acknowledging a failure. This cup of coffee I am currently sipping falls in my need category. I want to kick the habit so I no longer need it; maybe I need … Read more

Steppenwolf; A Man’s Journey Back

Author Hermann Hesse was a man of inner reflection and turmoil, his own struggles with depression and his pursuit of self knowledge poured into the pages of his books. In the 1927 novel, Steppenwolf, Hesse crafts … Read more

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

All of your so-called faults, all the things which you don’t like about yourself are your greatest assets. — Debbie Ford Debbie Ford’s message is simply; love. In The Dark Side of the Light Chasers … Read more